March 2023: From Out of Nowhere

Unlocking the profit potential of resilient agriculture

July 2021: From Growth Unscripted

“Tim tells us about his journey from being homeschooled in Illinois to becoming a sales executive in Silicon Valley, learning how to manage people that were more senior than he was, changing Hired’s business model, why he joined Sama, working for an impactful organization, and empowering people to be successful.”

Feb 2020: From The Sales Engagement Podcast

In the tech circles I run in, it seems every leader I’ve spoken with has shared the same problem:

Finding great talent to fill their sales teams.

And from what I can tell, this isn’t just a problem in tech sales. It’s everywhere. Everyone wants to keep their hiring funnel overflowing, but only a few manage it.

The good news is the talent pool hasn’t dried up. They’re out there and you can find them.

To help find out how, I invited Tim Yandel, VP of Sales at Hired onto today’s show. Tim’s an expert on finding the best talent in today’s market and shared some useful tips with us.

He went over:

  • Why a “network-first” attitude is so important
  • Why your company should be focused on more than your cool product
  • How thinking outside the box can land you better talent
  • How to find potential in people (and why you should)