Why we work – Thanksgiving edition…. extra cheese

Think about why you do what you do. Most of us are caught up on thinking of whether we’re good at what we do and what we need to do to improve, but why do we work in the first place? To support ourselves and to have the capability to support a family behind you. 

When I visited my brother this past week for Thanksgiving it comforted me to know that no matter how much distance we have between us and the frequency of our conversations in between visits is lackluster, we still eased into a conversation just like it was before I went off to college and lived at home. In fact, it even matured without much effort into a conversation that steered away from just quoting Cable Guy. 

My wife was with me as always and we started talking about work and it all came together as to why I work so hard – family. Even though family can be rough and stressful at times, the good times melt away the stress to get to the heart of what everything’s about. I work hard to create a family that doesn’t have the stress of surviving, doesn’t have to shrink their dreams and has the ability to grow in size if we want it to. 

So while you’re taking a break from your work this Thanksgiving, spend some time thinking about your family and harness the motivation to make it better as a catalyst to what you do everyday at work. I give thanks to my growing family with Julie, even though we haven’t gone any further than supporting dogs as of right now, I work everyday to support a large family (not too large) with her. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

And here’s a picture of what I work for everyday. What about you? 

Author: Tim Yandel

I'm Tim. I live in Cole Valley, San Francisco with my wife, Julie, and two daughters Addie and Audra. I tend to write a bunch about leading Sales teams, since that's what I've been doing since 2006. I'm particularly drawn to the psychology of selling, whether that be how people buy things or sell things, it's fascinating how decision-making is centered into the core of who you are as a person. I enjoy cultivating a culture centered around mastery of your craft and a genuine passion for winning together. Outside of professional learnings, I enjoy listening to epic sci-fi and fantasy books while I run long distances to decompress and obsessed with watching my two girls grow. For a good ice breaker, ask me about my Golden Retriever and my Bernese Mountain Dog.

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