Cool sh*t

Be jeal people! I got some new stuff this weekend and it is amazballs to the max! I got a jumparoo, exersaucer, new bibs, and tons of toys! Side note, Attn: all single male babes under the age of 5 months, I’m single, ready to mingle, and will share my cool jumparoo with you.

Thank you to the amazing person who got me all this stuff. I love it all, but love you more! I think my bib in this picture says it all.

Author: Tim Yandel

I'm Tim. I live in Cole Valley, San Francisco with my wife, Julie, and two daughters Addie and Audra. I tend to write a bunch about leading Sales teams, since that's what I've been doing since 2006. I'm particularly drawn to the psychology of selling, whether that be how people buy things or sell things, it's fascinating how decision-making is centered into the core of who you are as a person. I enjoy cultivating a culture centered around mastery of your craft and a genuine passion for winning together. Outside of professional learnings, I enjoy listening to epic sci-fi and fantasy books while I run long distances to decompress and obsessed with watching my two girls grow. For a good ice breaker, ask me about my Golden Retriever and my Bernese Mountain Dog.

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