Go fast

If you’re not trying to run as fast as possible at something ask yourself what are you doing and where are you going. Looking back at what you’ve done is kind of like looking back in slow motion, where you can experience all of it again in greater detail… 

Here’s a great example of speed, shot by a National Geographic film crew captured stunning slow motion footage of cheetahs running in excess of 60 MPH using a Phantom high speed camera filming at 1200 frames per second. The camera was mounted to a high speed track, and a rotating cast of five cats were coaxed in to sprinting alongside the camera with the help of a furry lure (making of video). Produced in collaboration with the Cincinnati Zoo, the film is a companion piece to the National Geographic article “Cheetahs on the Edge.” For more on the conservation of cheetahs and other big cats, check out the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative.

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