Why a “Network-First” Mindset always Wins

From the podcast on Sales Engagement

Seeking out the best salespeople means you never stop hunting. It also means you need to turn to your network and ask people who you should be speaking to.

Everyone reading this probably already knows the power of leveraging their network. Maybe it’s how you got your job, met your spouse or just scored a reservation at that cool, exclusive restaurant you always wanted to try.

But if you want to call upon your network to maintain a steady stream of talent, you need to make sure you are also maintaining your network for the long-term.

Instead of asking what your network can do for you, ask what you can do for your network. Kennedy said that… sort of.

So, while you should definitely be asking people who you should sit down with, you should find people to sit with them, too.


Maybe you find a great candidate who isn’t a fit for your organization but would excel elsewhere. Maybe you aren’t hiring right now. You will still need help someday and reciprocity is a powerful thing.

Even if it doesn’t get you that perfect new hire the next time you need one, you’ll still be doing a good thing.

And it doesn’t hurt to show the world your values.

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