I’m Regrowing!

I love living in California. Ever since moving here full time in 2015, the entire family has thoroughly embraced the majesty of being outside, more active, and explicitly appreciative of nature and how important it is to live in symmetry with it. There’s also a dark side to California, being surrounded by nature has also revealed its accelerating decline. The cold reality of climate change picking up momentum year after year.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m drawn to not only building teams that do amazing things, but, especially recently, being a part of companies that have a real chance of changing the world in the process. When all is said and done in my career, I want to look back and be proud of the impact I was able to make on the world. What’s the footprint I would leave?

So when setting out for something new after Sama, I wanted to specifically find that rare gem of a company that is a technology company with AI at its core, has clear product differentiation and is driving real change for the world. There’s arguably no bigger change the world needs than to reverse climate change. I’ve found something not only will fight climate change but help reverse it, something that is blazing a trail in a new category of technology in the bourgeoning AgTech space and something that can potentially help create a new commodity in the carbon offsets / insets market.

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Regrow as their Chief Revenue Officer. Regrow is a global enterprise technology company that has products to Enable Ecosystem Markets, Drive down Carbon Emissions, and Build Yield Resistance that help the world’s biggest CPG, Retailers, Producers, Developers and Growers realize their net-zero milestones over the next 10-30 years through Regenerative Agriculture. My hope in writing this is not to deliver a beat my chest version of “my next move” but to truly seek to educate those that may be like me, looking for exciting new movements that are looking not only to lessen climate change but reverse it.

Ultimately, while I was fortunate enough to be evaluating multiple opportunities to move my career into next, I was thoroughly captured by the Regenerative Agriculture movement, its power to reverse climate change and after diving in, I couldn’t find enough energy to stop thinking about it and how much I wanted to be a part of it. It is a classic triple-win situation. Consumers can receive healthier foods, farmers can have a more secure and prosperous future and the planet will benefit because regenerative agriculture provides it a better chance to heal and restore itself.

In addition to the research, it was the company that stood out. The leadership of the brilliant Anastasia Volkova who is looking to truly change the world and the opportunity to build out a GTM organization that has already made tremendous traction. As much as there has been lay offs happening out there, there are also companies urgently hiring bright minds across the world, Regrow is one of them and for me, stands out from the rest. If you see what I see, please reach out. We’re hiring!

If you’d like to find my notes on Regenerative Agriculture, I’ve included it here in a separate post.

Author: Tim Yandel

I'm Tim. I live in Cole Valley, San Francisco with my wife, Julie, and two daughters Addie and Audra. I tend to write a bunch about leading Sales teams, since that's what I've been doing since 2006. I'm particularly drawn to the psychology of selling, whether that be how people buy things or sell things, it's fascinating how decision-making is centered into the core of who you are as a person. I enjoy cultivating a culture centered around mastery of your craft and a genuine passion for winning together. Outside of professional learnings, I enjoy listening to epic sci-fi and fantasy books while I run long distances to decompress and obsessed with watching my two girls grow. For a good ice breaker, ask me about my Golden Retriever and my Bernese Mountain Dog.

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