Two weeks to train for a 1/2 Marathon – Crazy?

I had previously signed up for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon and found out I wouldn’t be able to run it because I would be out of town. I signed up for it the same month (March) as I ran the Shamrock Shuffle (8K) thinking I would have PLENTY of time to train for a halfie. 

Fast forward about 2 months ago when I found out that I most likely would be out of town that weekend (originally thought it was 7/29), I had decided not to train for the halfie but I would still run every other day and continue to push myself, just not as hard as I would of before. 

Today, Julie asked why I haven’t been training for the halfie and I replied that I will be out of town that weekend. Julie pulled up the website ( and pointed out it was indeed the week before and yes, I will be in Chicago that week! Great! I can run it! Wait… that’s two weeks from today. Gulp. 

But I’m going to do this, never fear! Yes, I might hurt myself; yes, I most likely will make you look bad; and yes, I probably will never run again. But I’m going to do it – you’ve heard it hear first folks! Now I will turn my innocent little meandering of thoughts on this blog into a full fledged running blog (because the world needed more of those). 

Back to the present. Knowing that my shoes were running a little worn, I went out and purchased the new model. The Brooks Pure Cadence 2 and yes of course I got bright red. 

Then I had to test these bad boys out for a run and probably should have run longer but ended up having to break these guys in after my feet cramped up a bit (first world problems). So I ended up running 3.5 Miles which is normally what I run on a regular day with my longer runs being a little over 5 miles. 

Here’s my plan for the next two weeks, if you think I’m nuts please say so but understand I may not listen to you because you’ll most likely try to deter me from running the damn thing. 

I’ll post an update every day until race day so everyone can laugh at me or cheer me on depending on how I’m doing. This next week is going to be BRUTAL though, huh? Damn. Maybe I’ll post a selfie of my 6 pack? Maybe my blisters? Maybe my blistered 6 pack? Stay tuned.