A great life for an old dog. Grandma the Dog passed away last night. While she was a weird, smelly little dog, she brought so much joy to our lives and the people that met her. 

While we met her in 2007 in Sunny San Francisco, Grandma the Dog was originally named Lucy. She was found wondering around a Sacramento field grazing for food before she was rescued in San Francisco by Rocket Dog Rescue. 

Her prior life is unknown to us but there is a lore about what her life was prior to us meeting. Some of her lore extends to dog piracy, where she commanded a ship of 12 dogs in a quest for peanut butter flavored treats. While they never found peanut butter flavored, they did end up eating a bunch of other things they found like paper, cardboard and books. This is where Grandma the dog developed the constant craving for toilet paper, children’s cardboard stories and important real estate documents. 

After meeting us, we took her to San Francisco, Boston and Chicago and met her best bud Jinx and developed a great relationship with Addison who fed her all the time. 

Grams loved to sleep, cuddle, eat, LOVED baby food, paper, eating from Addie’s hand, pooping three times a day, and scratching her ears. 

Julie, Addie and myself will miss Grandma the Dog so much and we will miss her. It’s amazing how much of an impact a little old dog can make on your life and I didn’t realize how much I’d miss her when the day finally came. But I miss you grams – take a ton of naps on the clouds above us.